Back2Basics was founded in Kaneohe, in 2003. The name of the business is a reminder that health and wellness are based on simple, fundamental concepts that are profound in outcome, but somewhat lost in modern life.


Pain relief is important, so that we can start to feel normal again. Back2Basics offers firm, but gentle support of the entire body’s renewal.


Back2Basics creates an environment of support to facilitate a required change, boost adaptability, and letting go of counter-productive habits. Become more of who you really are.


See new options, practice getting out of ruts, take accountability for your own state of being, and experience the body-mind-spirit connection.


Sometimes we face injury, disability, aging, illness, burnout. Sometimes, restriction, pain, self-defeating thoughts or stress levels can get the best of us and we no longer live with sufficient vigor, joy, freedom of mind and movement. At Back2Basics, an environment for growth and positivity is created that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit so that you can get back to living life the way it was meant to be.


The intent here is whole person and unique as each individual. Do not confuse Back2Basics with a symptom-driven medical, or psychotherapy service. It is much more. Nor is it a typical relaxation or spa massage. Back2Basics is reasonably priced, top quality work. No corporate agenda nor institutional bias here. Think skills, not frills; whole person, not parts or symptoms. Achieve long-lasting results that are meaningful to you. Return to homeostasis and neutrality without complication, force or invasiveness.

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With over 20 years as a licensed massage therapist and thirty years of master’s level rehabilitation counseling, your experience at Back2Basics will be just as unique as it is rewarding. Additionally, with a bachelor’s in psychology and continuing education in nutrition and weight loss, this powerful knowledge and experience base provides everyone with essential support for resolving barriers to achieve a higher quality of living.


Having been a grateful recipient of many hours of bodywork from countless past and present practitioners who have shared their art and their knowledge, the bodywork here carries on the mission of this work. As a lifelong student of the healing process, having learned to ‘walk the walk,’, these unique skills and traditions are offered for your health and well-being.


License #: (MAT #4034, MAE #2533)


Back2Basics started as a young person’s dream. It has become a wondrous gift and special honor to witness a process as beautiful and simple as an unfolding spirit.


As compared to mainstream massage, bodywork is deeper, longer-lasting, and transformative in nature. This is not a surface-skin/spa type relaxation massage, it is much more! No oils or lotion are used. The body is covered with a cloth, so (soft, loose) clothing can be left on. Slow, precise, firm compressions and stretches cleanse and rejuvenate the body’s tissues. Comprehensive and methodical manipulation of major and minor muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments are standard. Deep tissue work is available for those who need it for cases of built-up connective tissue tension (“knots” or “gristle”).


Although massage and bodywork is helpful to relieve pain, it’s not the main focus. The main purpose is to promote health and well-being, facilitate lifestyle change and insight, and thus reduce pain and restriction through preventive health measures. Bodywork is about feeling our best due to health and balance, not pampering.


It is a lomi lomi style bodywork. The pressure is steady and broad, not harsh, abrupt or overly intrusive as some bodywork styles can be. Much of the work is accomplished with the therapist’s forearms, so the ‘feel’ is still friendly, solid, not too aggressive, but not timid either! The intent is sincere and deep. Done with any regularity, bodywork is transformative to the body, mind and spirit. (With all respect to native and traditional lomi practitioners, the style is a unique composite.)


Back2Basics serves individuals and families in diverse and holistic ways. Always, the emphasis is on health through avenues such as, learning and awareness, fitness, nutrition, well-being. The focus is on practical, realistic, sustainable changes people want because of the truly lasting and transformational benefits.


Any effort which promotes overall health will reduce undesired symptoms such as anxiety and stress, excess weight, insomnia, pain, inflammation, or fatigue– but most people who have suffered may lose patience and may focus on unrealistic, self-defeating goals. Sometimes counseling can present perspectives which “grease the wheel” toward necessary change.


For health and nutrition planning, a minimum of 10 sessions assures the best chance of permanent changes to health. No other weight loss program provides professional-level peer support along with the bodily support to acquire skills essential to self-awareness, wellness, adjustment to body changes, and a suitable level of fitness, as well as new eating habits. Regular sessions are weekly initially, fading to monthly or bi-monthly sessions.

Introducing Polynesian Style Bodywork

“Lomi Lomi A’e” (Hawaiian) or “Kake Ki Runga” (Cook Island Maori)


In ancient Polynesian style, the connection of all things is felt. The intention of this bodywork is heartfelt and soul-deep as with all lomi lomi. Cleanse the body, clear the mind, cherish the spirit. Experience naturally sacred, healing type bodywork that relaxes and soothes from the body alignment changes, the internal balance, the release of muscle patterns that no longer serve. This is much more than a surface type relaxation massage!


Using satisfying foot pressure to move and lomi the tissues, the body is opened for better functioning and movement. Laying down on the mat, the body’s ‘rubbish’ is literally pushed into the ground . It is no wonder that the effect can be described as ‘grounding’ and balancing.


Great for men or women. Good for hard-working muscles. People who have tight or sore areas. Big bodies or dense muscles finally find truly effective, consistent pressure. Firm and satisfying pressure only generated with the foot. Stand tall and straight, improve posture with each session!


The pressure is well-controlled, broad, and soothing while also restorative and corrective in nature. The sensation is akin to having another heart rhythmically, steadily pumping and circulating, opening areas. (Without the ‘digging’ or ‘grinding’ type intrusive motions sometimes required of table work to resolve resistant areas.) Quite precise in actuality, yet literally moving more tissue per compression than table work!


$80 for 60 mins


$120 for 90 mins (includes opu work)



For massages & bodywork there are several different options and packages to choose from. Some massages include focusing on different parts of the body and others include incorporating deep tissue or counseling.

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Massage Chair (upper back/neck areas only)

$40 for 30 mins

Table Massage (full backside of body only)

$55 for 40 mins

Table Massage, full body, front & back

$70 for 60 mins

Table Full Body, deep tissue bodywork

$80 for 60 mins

Table Massage, full body ($95 deep tissue)

$90 for 1 hour 15 mins

Table Massage, full body ($110 deep tissue)

$105 for 1 hour 30 mins

Private Events Chair Massage available – Gift Certificates Available – Prices subject to change – VISA/Mastercard


Bettering ourselves holistically – that being the mind, body, and spirit – is an ongoing learning process. At Back2Basics, an array of services are offered that help to cultivate the healing process.

Healing Mat

Healing Mat

Available before, after, and aside from massage. Most people prefer the healing mat before a massage in order to prepare the body & mind for maximum bodywork benefit with far infrared ray heat, gemstone filtration and negative ions relax, refresh, and restore.


Counseling at Back2Basics is not psychotherapy nor psychoactive medications and worrisome side effects. It is learning about making small, sustainable changes for the better. It is looking at thoughts and behaviors which support healthier living, more fulfilling relationships, more balance in life.
Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutrition and Weight Loss

All nutrition counseling starts with an assessment of a person’s body composition, current eating habits, history of weight/stress/health patterns. The goal here would be to gradually learn a new, healthier and sustainable lifestyle congruent with weight loss and well-being.


$10 for 15 mins


$20 for 30 mins


$40 for 60 mins


$70 for 60 mins (customized packages available to suit individual goals)


$75 for 60 mins table massage + 15 mins extra counseling focus = 75 mins


$105 for 90 mins combined massage/counseling time (both facilitates the other; any proportion of each, totaling 90 mins)


$30 for 20mins digital body analysis with body fat%, hydration%, and nutrition consult


$525 for 10 session program of weight loss intensive counseling sessions


The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he answered, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

A Holistic Approach


Distinguish fads from fundamental truths by moving away from symptom-chasing. It is not about a food plan or fad diet, diet products, nor weight goal-- but gradually learning a new, healthier lifestyle which favors weight equilibrium. Physical health is essential for holistic healing.


Well-being is essential to overall health, not just diet and exercise. Achieve balance in your life. Lifestyle learning comes with practice and time. With the lessons and practices that you learn here at Back2Basics you will be able to lead a life that is conducive to health.


Optimize your performance by making subtle, but definite changes in your diet and lifestyle. Mental health can be just as important as physical health. Back2Basics is about assessing all factors, strengthening and loosening as appropriate, and making conscious change and adjustments where desired.



Learn how to sleep with better restoration and alignment, and how stress and sleep patterns can impact weight. Find out how basic nutrition can “be thy medicine.” Learn how to identify, interpret and lower stress. Become aware of how inflammation of body/mind creates disease states.


45-480 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Suite C-19



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Back2Basics is located on the lower level next to 24Fitness

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